„It Took Me Till Now to Find You“ at Lazarides is a new project by Addam Yekutieli, aka Know Hope. After dealing with mostly universal issues from an intellectual stand point in his previous work, this particular body of work deals with a situation that is very local and close to the artist himself.


In the landscape of contemporary art, some of the most captivating and original pieces that challenge traditional boundaries have been born out of the simple waste. Transforming abandoned refuse into artistic treasures, Anton Unai art is a dynamic mixture of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that defies easy classification. Personifying the philosophy represented by Joseph Beuys’ legacy, the artist profoundly believes in the sanctity of spontaneity, the poetry of chaos, and the rejection of traditional academia. His latest body of work will soon be presented at Die Kunstagentin. Titled Amor Enemigo, this solo show investigates the loaded space between lover and enemy – the slippery slope of a knife’s edge so palpable in today’s world.

KStA-Magazin: Kunst auf die direkte Art

Zur 51. Art Cologne stellt der Kölner Stadt Anzeiger junge Kunstsammler vor.

New Print Release by Julia Benz

We are happy to announce the new Print Release by Julia Benz. The hand printed, 8-colour Silkscreen Print „BLOSSOM“ is a Limited Edition of 50, numbered and signed by the artist. You can get your copy in our Edition Shop.

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Magazin: „Die Kunstagentin“ im Interview

„Kunst für junge Sammler“ – Street Art verkauft sich auf der Art.Fair und in Galerien – Warum das nicht unbedingt ein Widerspruch sein muss.

The Huffington Post about Swoon simulating „What It’s Like To Have A Shared-Death Experience“

Swoon’s project, “Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea,” features seven boats including this steam-powered paddleboat.

Three loud blasts from a steam whistle screamed out as the rain drizzled on the riverbank here. And the fleet of seven eclectic handmade ships slowly moved away.

Only minutes before their launching, on Friday around noon, a group of people, mostly in their 20s and 30s, was still preparing for the voyage down the Hudson River. In between bites of jelly doughnuts, the crew, dressed in hipster hillbilly chic, hustled to clean up pieces of scrap metal and ready the boats. In the middle stood the artist known as Swoon in a bright yellow rain poncho and jeans.

DAZED: Know Hope tattooed his street art on people

The Israeli wordsmith/artist – famous for his fragmented poems – tattooed his street art on to 24 people for his latest exhibition

Know Hope likes paronomasia. You might have guessed from his name that he likes to play with words – his street interventions often centre on fragmented poems, phrases that hang on surfaces like aphorisms for an elegiac generation.

Vandalog.com about Know Hope: Billboards bridging two realities

Over 2.3 million people are currently held in American prisons, jails, and detention facilities. Many of them will be there for years, even for life. In most states, even juveniles can be put in solitary confinement, and visitation is becoming more difficult and expensive

HENSE upcoming project in Atlanta 2017

Midtown tower in Atlanta will incorporate giant HENSE mural with ‘3-D elements’.

An apartment sky-rise that’s climbing at a prominent Midtown corner will feature an immense mural that developers hope will serve as a gateway to Atlanta’s arts district, officials announced today.

Related Development has christened the 39-story tower at 14th and West Peachtree streets „Apogee Midtown.“ Along with a neighboring, multi-story Whole Foods Market flagship, the project will incorporate a mural by artist HENSE — aka, the homegrown Alex Brewer — that will measure almost 100-feet high and 63-feet wide.

„Walter“ a short documentary about the production process of an urban art mural in Atlanta

„WALTER“ emerges from an urban art mural production that was made last year in Atlanta. Originally intended to be a documentation of the process, we discovered how the lives of the people of the community influenced the final piece. Their personal stories immerse us in the history of the community and allow us to witness the sparks of hope in the younger generations.