DAZED: Know Hope tattooed his street art on people

The Israeli wordsmith/artist – famous for his fragmented poems – tattooed his street art on to 24 people for his latest exhibition

Know Hope likes paronomasia. You might have guessed from his name that he likes to play with words – his street interventions often centre on fragmented poems, phrases that hang on surfaces like aphorisms for an elegiac generation.

Vandalog.com about Know Hope: Billboards bridging two realities

Over 2.3 million people are currently held in American prisons, jails, and detention facilities. Many of them will be there for years, even for life. In most states, even juveniles can be put in solitary confinement, and visitation is becoming more difficult and expensive

HENSE upcoming project in Atlanta 2017

Midtown tower in Atlanta will incorporate giant HENSE mural with ‘3-D elements’.

An apartment sky-rise that’s climbing at a prominent Midtown corner will feature an immense mural that developers hope will serve as a gateway to Atlanta’s arts district, officials announced today.

Related Development has christened the 39-story tower at 14th and West Peachtree streets „Apogee Midtown.“ Along with a neighboring, multi-story Whole Foods Market flagship, the project will incorporate a mural by artist HENSE — aka, the homegrown Alex Brewer — that will measure almost 100-feet high and 63-feet wide.

„Walter“ a short documentary about the production process of an urban art mural in Atlanta

„WALTER“ emerges from an urban art mural production that was made last year in Atlanta. Originally intended to be a documentation of the process, we discovered how the lives of the people of the community influenced the final piece. Their personal stories immerse us in the history of the community and allow us to witness the sparks of hope in the younger generations.

WDR WESTART Live: Julia Benz – Kunst in 60 Minuten

Für die Aktion „West ART goes Street ART“ hat sie im vergangenen Sommer in Düsseldorf eine 250 Quadratmeter große Giebelwand mit einem „Mural“ neu gestaltet. Sie entschied sich für das Motiv einer verschleierten Frau, die sie im Sudan fotografierte – ein Appell zu Weltoffenheit und Toleranz gegenüber anderen Kulturen. Bei Westart live zeigt sie, wie in 60 Minuten ein Kunstwerk entsteht.

GRAFFITI ART MAGAZINE #29: Agostino Iacurci im Interview

From paper to large urban areas, Agostino Iacuri`s artistic parabola aims to reduce the distance between the functional aesthetic of illustration and the special poetry found in each oft he urban contexts where the artist works. The result of such meeting is a new form of muralism: ist mission is not to comment on an existing story but rather to be the subject of one or more new stories.

New Delhi Television: Short documentary about Agostino Iacuris projects in India

In this episode of Colour My City, Neu Delhi Television meets the two artists Shilo Shiv Suleman and Agostino Iacurci, who go all the way to devise works that touch the lives of people who are either part of the process of creation or the final viewers in the streets. Artist Shilo Shiv Suleman unleashes conversations on the wall about what it means to be a woman in today’s world, while Agostino Iacurci, an Italian artist, creates work that is minimalist but sharp in its commentary.

HENSE feature in Montréal based Decompoz Magazine

As an international, award-winning artist who went from graffiti art to being commissioned by Apple and Facebook for your signature installations, you don’t approach clients for work—they approach you.

Atlanta-based contemporary artist Alex Brewer, also known as “HENSE,” has articulately united the madness of fine arts with the stoicism of architecture for 20+ years; only now, his works are on an international scale, as abstract installations in various mediums.

ARTE Kurzvideos: Jim Avignon – Street Art mit Flüchtlingskindern

In unserer Kulturserie der Woche begleitet ARTE den deutschen Pop-Art Künstler Jim Avignon. Der Street-Art-Maler, Musiker, Illustrator und Konzeptkünstler realisierte ein besonderes Projekt für geflüchtete Kinder. ARTE Journal hat dem Künstler dabei über die Schultern geschaut.

„The Why Not Magazin“ über Julia Benz

Zum ersten Mal sind wir auf die Künstlerin Julia Benz in der Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg aufmerksam geworden. Das war 2011. Ihre Arbeiten stechen aus der Urban Art Szene auf St. Pauli heraus und bleiben in unserem Gedächtnis. Julia kreuzt somit immer wieder unseren Weg durch die Kunstszene. 2014 dürfen wir sie dann auf der Eröffnung ihrer Ausstellung „Window Seat“ bei der Kölner Kunstagentin kennen lernen. Sie ist sympathisch, lustig, cool. Wir haben uns verliebt. In die Malereien hinter denen eine außergewöhnliche Persönlichkeit steht.