Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope

Beyond 6

Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope, 30,5x43cm

Beyond 4

Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope, 30,5x43cm

Beyond 3

Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope, 30,5x43cm

Beyond 2

Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope, 30,5x43cm

Beyond 1

Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope, 30,5x43cm

Into This

Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope, 138x138cm

Sentiments From Elsewhere

Artist: Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope Title: Sentiments From Elsewhere Medium: mixed media on canvas Year: 2016 Item No.: KH016 Dimensions: 170 x 95 cm Signed: yes Request the current price listaktuelle werkliste auf anfragePlease…


Over the past decade, Addam Yekutieli/Know Hope has developed a visual iconography and language mirroring real-life situations and observations to express the notion of a collective human struggle.

By creating parallels between political situations and emotional conditions, the artist portrays the political process and dialogue as an emotional mechanism, making it comprehensible intuitively rather than solely intellectually.

These portrayals take place both indoors and outdoors, in the form of site-specific installations, murals and assemblages, combining ready-made materials, mixed media pieces, photographs and text.

By placing these works in public spaces, Know Hope attempts to overcome the separation between the emotional and the political, and to allow viewers to see themselves in the larger context of their surroundings by simple mutual acknowledgment.

Yekutieli has worked and exhibited internationally and has projects and exhibitions planned in London and Tel Aviv.


In den letzten Jahren hat Addam Yekutieli/Know Hope eine visuelle Ikonographie und Bildsprache ent-wickelt, mit der er reale Lebens-situationen spiegelt und beobachtet, um schließlich den Kampf der menschlichen Gesell-schaft zu dokumentieren.

Durch die Erschaffung von Parallelen zwischen politischen Situationen und emotionalen Lebensumständen, versucht der Künstler den politischen Prozess als einen emotionalen Mechanismus wahrzunehmen, der ebendiesen Prozess begreifbar macht und eine intuitive Beteiligung ermöglicht, die nicht mehr ausschließlich intellektuell erfolgen muss.

Diese Vorgänge finden sowohl im Innenraum als auch im Außenraum statt – unter Anderem in Form von Installationen, Wandbildern und Assemblagen aus vorgefundenen Materialien, verschiedenen Medien, Fotografien und Texten.

Know Hope versucht durch die Platzierung seiner Arbeiten im öffentlichen Raum die Trennung von Emotionalem und Politischem aufzuheben und erlaubt es dem Betrachter, sich selbst in dem größeren Kontext seiner Umgebung wahrzunehmen – in einfachster Weise, durch gegenseitige Anerkennung.

Addam Yekutieli arbeitet international und hat Projekte und Ausstellungen in London und Tel Aviv durchgeführt.


Born 1986
Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Solo Exhibitions


The Truth, As Told In Our Mother Tongue, Die Kunstagentin, Cologne, Germany

These Are Maps, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


Thruth and Method, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Water Takes the Shape of Its Container, Openspace Gallery, Paris, France

Empathy, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, NYC, USA

These Traintracks, They Remain, Ungrudged by the Passing Through, Thinkspace Gallery at Scope Art Fair, NYC, USA

Things That Stand Between/ Things Left Standing Behind- Two part solo exhibition- Gordon Gallery 2, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Abstract and the Very Real- Lazarides Gallery, London, UK

The Weight – Known Gallery , Los Angeles, CA, USA
Representing Israel at Art Beijing, Beijing, China
Others’ Truths – zine release event and exhibition, Studio Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bound By The Ties – The Speak Easy, Tel Aviv, Israel (Book release event and installation)

There Is Nothing Dear (There Is Too Much Dear) – Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

The Insecurities of Time – Ad Hoc Art, NYC, USA
Through These Vacant Spaces We Can See Anywhere – Rialto, Rome, Italy
The Times Won’t Save You (This Rain Smells of Memory) – Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
How We Got There//Like Pigeons in the Rain – X-Initiative, NYC,USA

Temporary Residence – Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA, USA

Just Because You Are Listening – The New and Bad Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Selected Group Exhibitions


Wall Drawings – Urban Icons – Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon

Jameco Exchange – In association with No Longer Empty

Still Here, Lazarides Gallery, London

WordsWordsWords, Spring Break Art Fair


La Familia, Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, California, USA

Invisible College, Fort Wayne Museum of Art in association with Thinkspace Gallery, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Viatlity and Verve, Long Beach Museum of Art in association with Thinkspace Gallery, Long Beach, California, USA

Vivid Bunch vol. 2 – Die Kunstagentin, Cologne, Germany

Black Milk- Holocaust Yet Again, Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark
Pow!Wow!: Exploring the New Contemporary Art Movement, Honolulu
Museum of Art School, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Space/Squared, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA
Group Exhibition from the Gallery Collection, Gordon Gallery2, Tel Aviv, Israel
PULP, The Outsiders, Newcastle, UK
Cash, Cans & Candy, HilgerNEXT Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Art and Nature, AR4T Gallery, Newport Beach, California, USA

Needles+Pens 10 Year Anniversary Show, The Luggage Store, San Francisco, USA
Crunch – The Outsiders Gallery, Newcastle, UK
Brutal, Lazarides Gallery (offsite), London, UK
Thinkspace Gallery booth at Scope Art (during Armory week), NYC, USA

Winter Group Show – White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Picks of the Harvest – Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Streets of the World- Opera Gallery, NY, USA
Lazarides Presents – Lazarides Gallery, London, UK

Inside Job- Street Art In Tel Aviv – Helena Rubenstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv Museum), Tel Aviv, Israel
Street Art Saved My Life- C.A.V.E Gallery (In association with Brooklyn Street Art and Thinkspace Gallery) CA, USA
Built to Last – The Riviera Gallery – July, Bat Yam, Israel
The Underbelly Project- Pop-up show, in association with Opera Gallery New York, Miami, FL, USA

Jaffa Cakes – former Rove Gallery space , London, UK
Walled In- Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
Dead Letter Playground – Leo Kesting Gallery, NYC, USA
Heavy – St. Joseph’s Church (in association with Marketplace Gallery and Historic Albany Foundation, Albany, NY, USA
Living Walls, the City Speaks – the Eyedrum Space, Atlanta, GA, USA
Small Acts of Resistance – Black Rat Projects, London, UK

In/Version – Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Fresh Paint – Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
Friday 13th – Godspeed Space , Tel Aviv, Israel
You’ve Got Light In Your Eyes – Needles and Pens, San Francisco, USA
Make Room – ST-Art Exhibition Space, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kindred Times and Future Goodbyes, Tel Aviv, Israel
Life in an Emptied House – ST-Art Exhibition Space, Tel Aviv, Israel
Blk River – Ofroom Gallery, Vienna, Austria
The Thousands – Village Underground, London, UK
Go Get Your Shinebox – Brooklynite Gallery, NYC, USA2008:

Fresh Paint – Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
Hosting – Biennial of Urban Landscaping, Bat Yam Museum, Israel
Graffiti in the Frame – Shmone Club, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Images in Urban Settings – Midrasha School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Wall – Urbanix Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Home – Legal Action Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Take a Deep Breath – Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Corked – The Gallery at Cork, London, UK
Nuart 2008 – Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway
Post-Pop – Holon Museum of Comics, Holon, Israel
GenArt Vanguard – in association with the Carmichael Gallery, Miami,Florida, USA
Fresh Produce – Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, USA2007:

He, She, Me Makes We – Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Fresh Produce – Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, USA
Too Sweet and Seldom Seen – Kismet Gallery, NY, USA
The Rear – Herzliya Museum’s Biennial of Contemporary Art, HerzliyaMuseum, Israel

Pirates of the Tel-Aviv Swamp – Independent Venue/Curation, Tel-Aviv,Israel
The End of the World – Independent Venue/Curation, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Echo of the Cave – Independent Venue/Curation, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Selected Projects


Wallcome, Mural Project, Schmalkalden, Germany
Djerbahood, Mural Project, Djerba, Tunisia
Viavai Project, Mural Project, Racale, Italy
Cash, Cans & Candy, Mural Project in association with HilgerNext Gallery,Vienna, Austria
Mission to Art, Residency, Torino, Italy
Artists on Their Work, Lecture, Tel Aviv Museum
Living Walls Concepts- Mural and lecture, Atlanta, GA, USA
Wide Open Walls, Gambia, Africa
Edition Copenhagen – Copenhagen, Denmark (Lithography WorkshopResidency)
Blk River Festival September 2010, Vienna, Austria
Retreat, Oh, Retreat Mural Project, Pula, Croatia
Artist Workshops, Lecture and Mural Painting – UCA Farnham, UK,
The Gambia, Africa
Atlanta, GA, USA

Selected Publications

We Own the Night: The Art of the Underbelly

100 artistes du Street Art, Halkin, E., éditions de La Martinière

Graffiti 365, Edlin, J, Abrams Publishing
Bound by the Ties, Self-Published, Israel

Leumi Art Collection: Selected Works, Sheffi, S, Kinneret Zmora-Bitan
Concrete Messages: Street Art On the Israeli-Palestinian Separation Barrier,Krohn, Z., Lagerweij, Dokument Press

Street Knowledge, Adz, K., HarperCollins
Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art, McCormick, C., Schiller,M., Schiller, S., Seno, E., Taschen, Germany
Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art, Nguyen, P.,McKenzie, S. (Eds.), Gestalten, Germany

The Thousands, Rushmore, RJ, Drago Press, 2009

Just Because You Are Listening (Dedications for Anyone Who MissesAnything), Self-Published, Israel

NEWS – Know Hope: Meet Israel’s answer to Banksy

BBC Fresh: Life Through My Lens – Know Hope tattooed his street art on people about Know Hope: Billboards bridging two realities

DAZED: Know Hope tattooed his street art on people


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