New York Times: „12 Treasures of Europe“ – with Jim Avignon

Despite relentless hypergentrification, Berlin remains a bastion of street art. Elaborate murals still decorate firewalls; images by sprayers and stencilers pop up everywhere else. But how can the visiting aficionado take street art home? The answer is easy, if counterintuitive: get off the streets. The number of galleries selling urban art keeps growing: Neurotitan, a sprawling space in a scruffy complex in the central district of Berlin-Mitte, has shown urban art since 1996; newer on the scene is Urban Spree, a high-energy gallery in a postindustrial complex near the Spree River, which also hosts art events. So does Open Walls Gallery in Stattbad Wedding, a defunct swimming pool repurposed as a nightclub and cultural center in the blue-collar district of Wedding. […]

Treasure hunters can also go straight to the source — the artists themselves. Jim Avignon’s panels on the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery are legendary.

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