ambafrance-nz: Graffiti artist Tilt in the streets of Christchurch

An Article about Graffiti artist Tilt taking part at the „Rise Festival“ in Christchurch.

Returning for a third time to New Zealand –although a first to the South Island- Tilt is eager to be sharing his art with the people of Christchurch: “I have been lucky enough to travel to New Zealand on several occasions to paint walls with local artists as well as for a personal exhibition of my works at the Disrupt gallery in Auckland. The kindness shown by New Zealanders and the quality of work demonstrated by the painters I have had the chance to meet have left me with amazing memories.
So, I am extremely happy to be returning, especially since I have not yet discovered the South island which I am keen to explore after leaving my mark on the walls of Christchurch.”

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