HENSE feature in Montréal based Decompoz Magazine

23. Februar 2016, Montréal

As an international, award-winning artist who went from graffiti art to being commissioned by Apple and Facebook for your signature installations, you don’t approach clients for work—they approach you.

Atlanta-based contemporary artist Alex Brewer, also known as “HENSE,” has articulately united the madness of fine arts with the stoicism of architecture for 20+ years; only now, his works are on an international scale, as abstract installations in various mediums.

Before receiving international recognition for his body of abstract work, HENSE’s fascination with art and design began from a young age.

“I’ve been into art and creativity ever since I was very young. Both my parents had a background in interior design and architecture which really influenced me and helped me think about interior spaces and buildings. I think seeing old buildings getting renovated and repurposed really had a lasting impression on me.”

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HENSE upcoming project in Atlanta 2017

HENSE feature in Montréal based Decompoz Magazine

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