Companion Magazine Issue #4: Feature about Julia Benz cooperating with Viva con Agua in Hamburg

01. April 2015, Companion Magazine

The actual issue of Companion Magazine made a very nice Feature with Julia Benz about the Vessel named Lütte Deern she painted in 2014 for H2O and Viva con Agua in Hamburg. In the Interview Benz talks about her Art, her connection to the social work of VcA, Millerntor Gallery and Uganda.

A long gangway leads down to the Elbe River pontoons. The water sparkles in the sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky. In Hamburg that’s worthy of note. To the left there are ships
like the ice breaker “Crusher”; to the right there are dark
green wooden sheds and the “Lütte Deern” (or “Little Girl” in Hamburgese) owned by Barkassen-Meyer, a barge rental outfit. Usually, the little ship is docked at the pier and ferries tourists around the harbor and warehouse district. Today, it serves as the venue for the interview with Julia Benz.

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