FECALFACEDOTCOM: Interview with Maya Hayuk

11. Febuar 2008, FECALFACEDOTCOM

There are artists whom we’ve loved for so long and yet aren’t really up on the site that much. For some reason Maya is one of those artists… It’s with great joy that we bring this NYC based artist to the Fecal. She’s recently wrapped up a solo show at Fifty24SF here in San Francisco to coincide with a book she just released through Upper Playground and is preparing a show with Chris Duncan and Kyle Ranson that’s opening up in Brussels in March… Maya does walls, canvas, and video. Her work’s been featured in vodka commericals for Absolute and adjoined computer laptops for Sony. She travels the world showing her colorful works on walls and canvases when she’s not laying low in NYC. Below is just a small sample of the talent Maya holds and what she’s creating today.

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Article on Artnet.com – Maya Hayuk sues Starbucks for stealing her art

Graffiti Art Magazine #21: Coverstory with Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk Bowery Wall Documentary – CHEMICAL TRAILS

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