Jim Avignon


  • Medium:

    acrylic on paper
  • Dimensions:

    80 x 120 cm

650,00  inkl. MwSt.

Unikat |  Unique artwork

Echtheitszertifikat | Certificte of Identicity

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Jim Avignon






80 x 120 cm


Unique work


not signed

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Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon is notorious for his unconventional approach to art. He produces his artworks for entertainment purposes. In his paintings he reduces complex issues to their essentials and blends political, social and popcultural themes with fairy tales and cartoons. His work does not fit into any specific genre. Avignon wants to make art accessible to everyone.

Jim Avignon attempts to break the rules of the art market. By his own account, he is producing an average of 4.37 artworks per day – speed is a central to his work process. During the 1992 Documenta in Kassel he painted one artwork every day, only to destroy it afterwards. His painting at the East Side Gallery in Berlin is another well-known work. In 2013 he overpainted it without permission in a highly publicised event, even though it had previously been placed under monument protection (Denkmalsschutz).

Jim Avignon is also a musician and illustrator. He works predominantly in Berlin and has exhibited worldwide (e.g. France, Greece, United States, Guatemala, Singapore, and Russia). He often exhibits in unusual places, such as techno clubs.

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